Start Your Toxic Job Recovery Here 📍

No one talks about the grief of a toxic job. When you leave, you're not just saying goodbye to the opportunity you thought you were getting but never got.

In your toxic job your boss was questioning everything you did. Or they were a ghost. There was no in between.

Your coworkers were who got you through the day. Or they made themself your enemy. There was no in between.

You were overloaded and overworked, set up to fail. Or you were underutilized and bored. There was no in between.

This guidebook is going to help you unpack what happened and drop the baggage from your toxic job so you don't bring it into the next one.

Take a Peak Inside the Guidebook

The Get Over Your Toxic Job Guidebook will give you insights you need to understand your toxic workplace experience, and prompts and space to process what happened.

Insights on Toxic Workplace Dynamics and Recovery Process

To understand what happened you need to know the big picture about what workplace toxicity is, what makes a workplace toxic (hint: it's not the signs or behaviors), and understand the psychology of workplace trauma. This information is all included in an easy to read and digest format.

Nothing anyone can say will release you from your toxic work experience. Healing comes from within.

Don't get us wrong, if we could say a magic word to get you over your toxic job we would have said it. Instead, Release comes from within. The guide will navigate you through the prompts to process what happened and provides space to process each inquiry.

Mantras & Printables

The power of a daily reminder placed where you will see it is seriously underrated. That's why we've included a few mantra to reclaim your power and your healing in this Get Over Your Toxic Job Guidebook.

Instant Digital Download

No waiting for shipping - you can download and get to work on your toxic job recovery right now. Plus, you and reprint and redo this as much as you need until you are completely unbothered by your toxic job.

Optional Add-On: The Toxic Job Recovery Expansion Pack

Only exclusively when purchasing the Get Over Your Toxic Job Guidebook, add on the Toxic Job Prevention Guidebook and Toxic Job Recovery Private Podcast Series.

Avoid another toxic job

One of the biggest fears toxic job escapees have is finding themselves in another toxic job. This guidebook will help you spot the red (and green) flags during the hiring process. Bonus: it helps you prep for job interviews in the process!

(value $50)

Exclusive Podcast Series

This series explores topics to help you get out and over your toxic job:

  • What Makes a Job Toxic?
  • Being Underpaid is a Trauma Response
  • The Benefits of Becoming Unbothered
  • Get Revenge on Your Toxic Job 😈
  • Plot Your Toxic Job Escape

(value: $135)

The Get Over Your Toxic Job Guidebook is an ebook available for instant download. We are unable to offer refunds on digital downloads, all sales are final.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm still in my toxic job. Should I get this now or wait until I leave?

Recovery can begin in the toxic job, and the process can help you become unbothered (or at least less bothered) in your toxic job. But if you want to wait - the Get Over Your Toxic Job Guidebook isn't going anywhere.

Can I buy print version?

We've had *a ton* of requests for a print version and are exploring options. Watch this space 👀 but right now this is the only way to get your hands on the Get Over Your Toxic Job Guidebook

Should I buy this or go to therapy?

We stan therapy around here, so it's not an either or question. We created this guidebook because we know how hard it is to start the recovery process, like finding a therapist seems onerous when you're burnout from a toxic job, so we see this as the place to build momentum (though for some of you will, it will be all you need).

Can I get a refund?

Due to the digital nature this product and the add-on bundle we do not offer refunds on the Get Over Your Toxic Job Guidebook or on the Toxic Job Recovery Expansion Pack. We've shared some sample pages so you can vibe check the guidebook before you buy, and we've intentionally kept the price as low as we can.

Can I enroll in Toxic Job Detox too?

We're not currently enrolling in the Toxic Job Detox program, but have some things in the works. Stay tuned!